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Portals & Content Management Systems
Portals_CMSsA Secure Area on Your Website
Portals and CMSs are secure interfaces that give you more control over your business processes and web content - increasing their usefulness for your business. Freelance IT Solutions can develop a custom, secure interface for you to manage every part of your business.
Provide a Secure Interface...
  •    For clients to:
    • track orders
    • manage profiles and accounts
    • contact customer service
    • view help documentation
  •    For employees to:
    • view work schedules/assignments
    • view employee benefits/handbooks/policies
    • request days off
    • view and edit employment/tax documents
    • view/upload/download documents
  •    For administrators / managers to:
    • track client interaction
    • manage employees and payroll
    • manage orders
    • manage billing and payments
    • manage website content
A Portal is...
Basically, if you have any business process that you would like to allow limited, controlled access to, it will be behind a portal. Portal content usually requires an ID and password for access. It can track who logs in, when they logged in and what they accessed while in the portal. Often, one portal allows you, your employees and your clients to do all of the above. An administrator can control account types and who gets access to what. But, you can also have different portals for different kinds of access. A portal's design, layout and functionality is determined by your needs.

A Content Management System is...
A CMS is really just a specialized portal. It gives you access to the content on your website. You may want to be able to change copy on web pages, add/delete photos in galleries, or manage blog content. We can also design CMSs so that different areas can be accessed by different people in your organization. For example, you may want to give managers control over pages for their departments and limit the access to just those pages. Like all portals, the design, layout and functionality of the CMS is determined by your needs.

Freelance I.T. Solutions Provides...
We provide every client with a custom solution for their needs. Along with this solution, we provide training and documentation on how to use your portal(s). And we will be there to support and update the portal and the processes protected by it should the need arise.