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WordPress Packages
wordpressImageWordPress + Freelance I.T. Solutions = Success!
WordPress is a flexible, powerful, easy-to-learn content management system designed to make it easy for you to manage your website. While we still offer complete, custom websites; for many businesses, WordPress is the perfect solutions to their online needs. The WordPress framework is designed to be modern and responsive. We can build a custom theme on top of that framework that provides you with what you need for online success.
Some Benefits of WordPress:
  •    Modern Layout and Design
  •    Responsive (adjusts to PC, tablet, phone)
  •    Search Engine Friendly
  •    Customizable
  •    Gives YOU Control of Your Site
  •    No Special Knowledge Needed

Basic Plans
These professional plans work for many small and medium size businesses and for those with a limited budget.
Business Card
(Single Page)
$24 / mo hosting & support
  • Single page, static design.
  • Custom slider or banner image - use your images!
  • Copy section - choose from single, double, triple, or quad column layout.
  • Contact info - footer.
  • Social media integration.
  • Flat rate hosting & support.

$24 / mo hosting & support
  • Choose from 11 theme layouts to be customized with your logo, images, colors and copy.
  • 15 initial pages included.
  • 2 custom web forms.
  • Social media integration.
  • SEO included
  • Video & image galleries included.
  • Flat rate hosting & support.

$24 / mo hosting & support
  • Custom design and layout with ten revisions.
  • 15 initial pages included.
  • 2 custom web forms.
  • Social media integration.
  • SEO included
  • Video & image galleries included.
  • Flat rate hosting & support.
  • All plans use responsive design - your site will look good on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • With the Template and Custom plans, you can include any two of the following plugins at no additional cost:
    • WooCommerce online store and shopping cart.
    • custom Google maps.
    • MegaMenu, a user-friendly, highly customizable, drop-down menu system.
    • animations.
    • contact form builder.
    • the Give plugin for accepting donations.
  • To see demos of the eleven themes you may choose from for the Template plan, please visit our demo site at
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Advanced WordPress Site
These packages are for larger companies or companies that have special requirements for their website.
Plus Custom Package

includes 1 yr hosting & support
  • Competitive research.
  • Phone conference to align our objectives with your vision and need.
  • Weekly phone calls for reviews, updates, and questions.
  • Wireframes (if needed).
  • 3 mockups with unlimited revisions.
  • Integration with CRM, analytics and ad tracking as needed.
  • Testing on major browsers and devices.
  • Up to 3 channel-specific landing pages
  • Keyword research, SEO, and submission to major search engines.
  • Quarterly SEO reviews.
  • Installation of necessary marketing tools (for example, plugins for integration with Constant Contact or MailChimp newsletter applications).
  • Links to social media accounts.
  • Auto-posting to social media sites.
  • Training for the WordPress Admin Portal.
Special Custom Package

includes 1 yr hosting & support
This package is designed for those who's needs cannot be met by customizing a pre-designed theme. The Plus Package is designed to be flexible, so that it can include special requests along with the basic features of a Wordpress site. Some examples might be:
  • The need for multiple page templates used in different sections of the site.
  • Specially designed input pages for the Admin Portal.
  • The development of plugins to integrate / interface with mobile apps.
  • The creation of plugins or widgets for your unique needs, examples:
    • employee management / HR systems.
    • industry / goverment specific forms.
    • appointment / scheduling systems that are unique to your business.
    • any other need that is not met by off-the-shelf plugins or widgets.
  • The Plus Custom Package will fit most small and medium size business needs. This package includes up to 15 unique pages, plus the added pages noted above.
  • The Special Custom Package includes all the features of the Plus Custom Package plus the additional research, communication time, and design and development needed to create your special theme, templates, plugins and widgets.
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Special Notes:
  • Packaged solutions are not always the best for your company. Feel free to mix-and-match features and then contact us for a quote.
  • A WordPress site is not right for all companies or all situations. There are several content management systems available and we can help you decide which is best for your needs. Contact us for assistance if you are not sure which system might be best for you.